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MBN feat. Jacquel Tucker & The J Tucker Group

March 18, 2022 Jacquel Tucker / My Purpose on Fire Season 1 Episode 5
Medcare Business Network
MBN feat. Jacquel Tucker & The J Tucker Group
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Jacquel Tucker


Jacquel Tucker is full of passion and fire and it's easy to understand why. If someone had told her when she was a little girl growing up in rural Jamaica with her parents and 8 siblings that one day she would feed up to 2,000 families monthly in the USA and it would happen during the worst pandemic, she would have laughed, told them no way - her family could barely afford dinner or even a tube of toothpaste.

Even though she was growing up in a Christian home with her dad as a Pastor and her mom as a Youth Director, it all seemed impossible! But that was all about to change and it started with her "Lazarus story" when she was almost six years old. It was enough to solidify her faith and trust at a young age that if God brought her back to life from the the dead, then surely, he must have big plans for her life. Today you can find her fiercely and faithfully walking in her calling. But this was not always the case.

One of her earliest big breaks came in the form of a full academic scholarship to study at the University of Maine. God showed her that even though there were thousands in Jamaica who applied for this scholarship, it was in his perfect plan for her to be one of the 20 students awarded. This incredible opportunity launched her successful career in Hospitality where she worked in Jamaica and subsequently returned to the USA where she consistently advanced to Executive Leadership positions in Sales & Marketing.

Have you ever felt like you were caught up in the hamster wheel of life? You are working very hard but not sure where it's all going or it doesn't feel very rewarding? Sadly, this was how Jacquel felt about her life. However, it was all about to change. In 2016, she could no longer deny the call of God on her life to serve others in a major way. She walked away from her successful career and launched her non-profit The Jamaica Project USA with a mission to transform rural schools and communities in Jamaica and serve families in her state of Georgia, USA. She became about her father's business and there was nothing more rewarding and fulfilling. Every sacrifice was worth it.

With her 25 years of leadership experience, Jacquel also launched her consulting company in 2016, training numerous hospitality employees and managers in the areas of sales, customer service and leadership. Her purpose was set on fire and God wanted her to do the same for others. Since then, she has been helping numerous individuals discover, ignite and launch their true kingdom purpose with influence and impact. She is the ultimate Purpose on Fire Launcher, Chief Encouragement Officer and Chief Motivator and it's quite contagious!

Jacquel currently lives in Georgia, USA with her best friend and fellow entrepreneur Shun Tucker and serves as a Lead Coach over the Children's Ministry at Victory Church in Norcross GA. She firmly believes "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" and her greatest desire is to hear from our Heavenly Father "Well done good and faithful servant".

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